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    I have no idea what to say about my self..... okay ill start with <br />
    #1 i LOVE cute things, Fluffy things, and ANYTHING adorable. emotion_kirakira <br />
    #2 you could say my favorite colors are Black and White....
    Panda's<br />
    #3 YAOI is amazing ,Yuri is grate, and normal is Fun as you can see i like them all.<br />
    #4 i am a open person but i am kinda slow so bare with me and i suck at spelling sorry
    <br />
    #6 I draw But lately i have only been good at chibis.... *sad face*<br />
    #7 Darian and jess-Kun and my beast friends and i love them lots so BACK OFF B@#*@. emotion_omnomnom <br />
    #8 I am a high school student Female if you must know.<br />
    #9 I love Cats, Pandas, Wolfs, And Bats. There all so cute<br />
    #10 I do some costly but am new to it and i have when to one anime con so far Anime ST louis.<br />
    Thats all i have at the moment..<br />
    Oh ya wanna play ZOMG with me i have different account for that <br />
    So bey bey for now
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