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  • Artist Info: Alright... Hello My name is Silvanna Dark, just call me Sil for short. I'm British at heart even though I'm technicually American at the moment, but no fears I will be moving to England once I can afford to. I've been to England so manytimes its like home to me anyways so if you wanna hate on me for saying I'm British fine then I shall hate on you for being a stupis ignorant @#*$. You get my drift. I am a writer and an avide reader. I love, love, love SOCCER. (so many hot guys) Lets see all my friends think that one day I will be the cause of their death. Don't know why they think that or maybe I do... (evil glint appers in my eyes) MWAHAHAHAHAHA... hack...hack... I am also very random and can not spell worth a damn so no grammer nazis please or els I'll strap on my killing boots. I believe thats about it. LOVE YAH ALL!!! <br />
    Oh wait I love random coments so if you are visiting my page just say hi!<br />
    P.S. I call everyone love/hun so don't think it means anything when I say it. I'm not stupid so don't try to ask me out vertual relationships are just weird. Its like a long distance relationship without knowing what the other person really looks like. Weird no, but I love making friends!! heart
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