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  • Artist Info: I am very random and wrong when i wanna be<br />
    I luv Pokemon<br />
    I love Anime pictures (Especially Angels)<br />
    I luv doughnuts and food in general<br />
    I luv to read (cant wait for my new book in my series)<br />
    I luv the manga and anime Fruits Basket my Fav characters are Momiji, Kyou, Kisa, Hiro and Tohru. yum_puddi yum_onigiri <br />
    i luv moving animations(pretty pretty shiny shiny)<br />
    I luv Egyptian and Greek Gods (Favs: Bes, Bast, Annubis and Tawaret-Egytian Athena, Posiden, Hades, Apollo and Ares-Greek Xd (>" wink ><("< wink YaY)<br />
    and I luv lookin good XD (Who doesn't? who wants ta look like a bum?)<br />
    My fav colour is Orange and BlueUser ImageUser Image<br />
    Wishes: Wouldn't it be awesome if we lived in anime style EEEKKK i would be so cute.<br />
    READ READ AND MORE READ!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< emotion_dealwithit cat_burning_eyes cat_ninja
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