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  • Artist Info: well umm....<br />
    HAI YALL~~ im Jae. lol<br />
    i dont like sharing my age.:I BUT I AM IN MIDDLE SCHOOL ;DD<br />
    im half tomboy and half kawaii-girl. i show my kawaii-girl ness on gaia cuz i only act like a tomboy in person. ;D<br />
    i love japan. and japanese music (vocaloid), japanese stuff, and japanese kawaii stuff. (my friends think im weird ;__; but they still love me ;3)<br />
    i came from my mom on Feb. 20th.<br />
    i like to draw and swim. oh and play meh xbox. o u o<br />
    im Biracial and Christian and im proud.<br />
    i have 4 dogs. (one of mine died in july ;_______ wink <br />
    i am a die hard L4D/L4D2, vocaloid, A:tLA/LoK, and a yaoi fan. o u o<br />
    i have 10,000,000,000+ friends. lol im friendly<br />
    i like wolves.<br />
    i like the colors blue and violet.<br />
    im funny, nice, smart, creative, goofy, friendly, shy, sweet, generous, and unique.<br />
    i has 2 big bros. no sis's. ;D <br />
    i draw L4D/L4D2 stuff and i has my own charaters.<br />
    i love pewdiepie. im a bro &lt;3<br />
    and yeeeaaaahhhh thats really all i know about myself. ;P
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