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  • Artist Info: Hello~ Hehe yes, I am another obsessed Durarara I heart Celty San! Whatever she says is like so Inspiring like you get it? Well example: "The world isn't as cruel as you think it is" well... That's really... A ...Well You know.. Hard to Explain The point is I like her cause of her words and also cause of her strength i wonder when i'm going to escape my clumsiness and start being active.. I admire her actually... She's.. She's just cool I like her... I wish she really existed but in my heart she is and she will forever... So please people that I ask to be friends with don't think i'm crazy i just admire the people who like Celty San to... So please don't think i'm stupid ( kinda am my friends always have to cover me.. and i don't know why i think cause i'm stupid but ilu all) <br />
    <br />
    O and i Thank my big bro He's been a great support ilu heart <br />
    <br />
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