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  • Artist Info: well, heres some easy fact about me:<br />
    i wont tell my name because..... well its secret...... wink <br />
    i'm 14 and i'm on gaia almost everyday!<br />
    feel free 2 send me messages and chat wit me, i'm kiiiiiiinda new here only 1 month old, so i could use some help, but i dont mind, u can just say u dont hav enough time 4 me, i wont care, cuz i hav 3 rly good frnds dat help me alll da time! deir names r: jadeen_y , sreen6666 and foxii411cuiii211lovecat, i know dem all from real life! but oder ppl lik colonel gabrielle, X_dr3eamer_X , bum toucher and dragonspiritnl hav also supported me, so a big appaulse 4 all of dem!! so, heres da deal, if u promise u wont come begging me about me buying u clothing or me giving u money, im all fine with it, and we can b frnds! but if ur a hobo, dont even bother! i already hav an boyfrnd so shoo..... hmmmm oo i lik angels and devils, and i lik fantasy, manga, any kinds of anime (exept 4 da inappropriate 1's) dont go around and call me sexy, cuz u know da deal! i already hav a bf! <br />
    anyways, deres 0% chance dat i will give my pass 2 u! andddd, dont pick a fight wit me, but if u accidentally happen 2 want it soo badly, bring ur mommy and da red cross wit u cuz no1 will see ur eyes open afterwards (eighter because ur so embarassed u wanna die, or u just - 2 simply put it- get beaten up.....). <br />
    kk, now dat u hav read all my rules i feel safe, because 1) u know da consequenses and wil give up whatever trash u hav 2 talk 2 me about. 2) u had enough patience 2 read through my boring " about me" part and i believe if u hav patiene 4 dat, u'll hav patience in my profile 2!! kk, enjoy my profile and comment on how boring u tink dis wus and how much u liked my background! <br />
    ok, just make sure, make sure ur not retarded b4 u add me! biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin <br />
    eeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnjjjjjjjjjjjjjjooooooooooooooooooooooyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! 3nodding o and if ur picture isnt on my profile, tell me by sending me a PM! rly sry, dat ur picture isnt in my profile dsnt mean dat i hate u or dat i lik oder ppl better dan u, its juyst dat i dont rly update my profile so plz dont send me a message telling me dat u tink i hate u........... i dont!
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