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  • Artist Info: Hiya! I'm Willa Roze, wahmbulance WARNING: AWESOME CONTENT!<br />
    biggrin Hi, and I'm Willa Roze as I said, (yes I am a girl, no that is not how I really spell my name.... WILLA HAS AN X AND A J IN THEM, YES THEY ARE SILENT... lol jk<br />
    I love to sing<br />
    I hate dancing<br />
    I love to draw, anime/manga<br />
    I love to write.<br />
    I love lhamas... dramallama <br />
    HAHAHAHH<br />
    I am so random... ASK ANYONE I KNOW...HEHEEE<br />
    redface <br />
    I am a hopeless romantic! heart (No I do not date anyone online)<br />
    rolleyes <br />
    I love dogs. <br />
    I'm so random!!!<br />
    Yah, see?<br />
    I love: Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, Greyson Chance, Lady Gaga, The Fray, Owl City, Katy Perry, P!nk, Paramore, The Plain White T's, Bruno Mars, etc.<br />
    I am addicting to texting... yes I am blond, and I am not that dumb...<br />
    I am sucha bad influence on my friends, but we all wuv each other anyone!!!! rofl <br />
    I can actually be really sad sometimes... cry not right now I preppy! lol <br />
    I do admit, sometimes I can act like I'm on drugs... eek but I would never do so, I'm actually a Catholic School Girl. 4laugh <br />
    I. Love. Cheese. cheese_whine <br />
    I fit into a lot of social groups, don't classify me as a nerd emo , or a popular cool girl, both are lame. I'm stuck in the middle.<br />
    rofl <br />
    I don't like hating people, (do I sound like I'm bragging, sorry if I am, I just want to sound appealing!!!)<br />
    I'm just stating that I'm crazy.<br />
    HAHAHAHAHAH, in a good way.<br />
    lol <br />
    gonk <br />
    I love ninjas... ninja <br />
    mrgreen WHY AM I GREEN!?!?!?! AAAAHHHHHHAA!!! <br />
    JK!!! IT'S JUST A EMOTICON!<br />
    I am 12, and in two months I'll be 13, two more months until teenage-itude... HAHAHAHAHA.<br />
    Bye.<br />
    HAVE FUN GAIANS!!!!!!!
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