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  • Artist Info: hi...<br />
    my name is (secret and i wont tell).....<br />
    im asian (im not gonna tell where i live)<br />
    my age also is a secret....<br />
    but there are some facts that i can tell u all which are :<br />
    ~i just simple person<br />
    ~didnt like thinking lots of complicated things<br />
    ~like to go to japan and korea<br />
    ~like anime so much (even though i didnt own comics or anything )<br />
    ~like surfing internet and draw<br />
    ~have a bf here and thats mean i already taken <br />
    and the most important is I LOVE CATS ( 3nodding meow 4laugh )<br />
    just add me if u want <br />
    bye...<br />
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