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    Hello, my name is Courtney.<br />
    I am 20 years old and happily taken by the love of my life.<br />
    We met here on gaia around 2012 and started dating in 2013.<br />
    Now we live together and we both couldn't be happier.<br />
    ~<br />
    I play a lot of video games. I play on all platforms, but xbox is my main.<br />
    I enjoy playing Fortnite, Monster Hunter, Destiny, Paladins, Battleborn, Fallout, ESO, and TES at the moment.<br />
    I used to draw a lot, now not so much. I want to get back into it by my self courage right now isn't high.<br />
    ~<br />
    I have severe anxiety and slight depression. My anxiety prevents me from working and socializing irl. It also prevents me from driving, college, and other things bc I'm simply just too scared bc of my anxiety.<br />
    (I feel like its best to know me personally, then not at all.)<br />
    ~<br />
    If you have any questions or want to talk, PMs are always open. heart <br />
    ~<br />
    Pics of my lame ass:<br />
    xoxo<br />
    Pics of me and my bf:<br />
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