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  • Artist Info: i'm a bit shy which can cause cause communication problems sweatdrop but get more comfortable the more i know people. <br />
    if it's one thing i live for as a hobby it's making loads of comic storylines even though i make more than i know what to do with sweatdrop <br />
    things i cant stand is people abusing/mistreating animals, guys mistreating girls, girls taking advantage of nice guys and not being able to finish stories when i need stressed <br />
    i love looking at other people's artwork (no matter what it is) unless 18+ depending on the pic. razz <br />
    since i'm always thinking of ideas my head sometimes gets a bit screwloose and i may blurt random things out loud im not going insane heh heh rofl ......really sweatdrop <br />
    <br />
    A place I'm more commonly found is http://pyrokkusu.deviantart.com/
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