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  • Artist Info: Heyyyyy!! i see you are reading this stalkers? mawhahwah! Well Im 17 years old im the youngest of the family.......ANYWAYS i just hope you guys can entertain meeeeeeeeee! I'm asian who is MIEN! WOOT!! WOOT!! Asians rockkkk! I love playing NAYANN CATT!! :3 meoww!! I get bored easliy.. and i can kinda speak in japanese a bit...<br />
    name in japanese!! ;3<br />
    Katakana: フェリシア<br />
    Hiragana: ふぇりしあ<br />
    Kanji: 富栄利詩亜<br />
    I AM an anime freak!! i draw,dance, and loves KPOP!! AND LOOOVE TaeYANG!!! <br />
    :3 I live in california, Sacramentoo!!! I ALSO joined a awsome guild called "TEAM_SINISTER" just tell me if u wanna join ... oh AND ONE THING if u ever try to cuss me out i swearrrrr ima say big shiiittt to u so beware..... AND AND AND ...................CLUELESS..... but thxs for reading anyways! (and for those who are japanese who are reading this Arigato for reading) (Oh and for Korean PEOPLE too gamsahabnida for reading) c; LMAO
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