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  • Artist Info: Er..... um hi!!!!! <br />
    Just to let you know.<br />
    I might seem like a cool person but i guess im really not, I make people sad, mad,and hate me!!! ( even if there lying about it , I know it has to be true)<br />
    it's been like that since I was a kid. So yeah! ( dont pretend)<br />
    I guess I hurted people on this game, but wat the hell I been hurted too....( you dont think it's fair)<br />
    Only one can bear my raging pain, by watching, by caring, by being there, but I was only showing what was done to me ( only half what was done to me )<br />
    To be honest. . . I always hated people. . . I always hated making friends. . . I always hated being alone. . . but when you think about it, being alone was the sweetest pain, cause I wouldnt care what people thought, I would of never hurted anyone. . . ( I know who I hurted, and I know there sick of me, but I dont know why there casting that aside.... and i know that I dont want to cause them no more heart ache )<br />
    My about me is my goodbye. . . Im done with gaia after I pay my promise.<br />
    <br />
    I thank some of you's who we're my friends, or hang out person, or just plain using me for gold idc .... just thanx<br />
    <br />
    P.S: I only had 4 people I cared about on this game and was a true friend to me, and I hurted one . . . and the others I bid you a good life,( this is the end, one last smile) ^-^ *waves goodbye*
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