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  • Artist Info: Hello and welcome to my profile, don't like it you can go leave right now. There must be a reason for you being here so what is it. Well, while your here let me give you a little info about me. <br />
    Name: Not for you to know but you may call me either Lee (name I use in all my roleplays) or Nights. <br />
    Age: Not for you to know<br />
    Location: Computer<br />
    What I like: There are many things I like, one of them being Yu Gi Oh! It most be one of the best anime shows ever. I still play it and I kick a*s with it. I also love music. But not slow music, nope not at all. I love that I am considered weird as well as my friends. And the best movie of all times NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Oh and don't forget <br />
    Roleplaying, I love to RP. I am currently in 38 guilds XD. <br />
    What I don't like: Pokemon, sick of it. Annoying people, dumb teachers, slow music, boring movies, bad art.<br />
    So there you have it, a bit about me. That's over all, you wanna know even more. Fine, let me go on, but I do have to tell you I hate typing about the same thing for so long. Nah! I think I won't tell you anymore, it's just to much work. See ya, or not <br />
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