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  • Artist Info: Ello welcome to my profile. This is me an average girl not really that special. I think my life is pretty boring . I have my friends my enemies my freinmeis. You can leave comments and pm me and i will reply as fast as i can. I go to school every day spend my brakes as good as i can. i'm a strait a student but not a nerd. You could say me and my friends are in between. Right now im crazing over bleach. You should watch it ! Wish i could post a pic here. Im a little CrAZy and one time me and my friend laughed so hard people started giving us weird looks. like my kindergarden teacher used to say if you dont have anything good to say dont say anything at all. If you dont like me or my profile then boo hoo for you why are you still reading this! For all those peeps who like me and my profile (people like julianna geraldine aly and viv) then comment pm me whateva you like!<br />
    Im not a goth just it looks kewl on my avi! I have a big brother and a niece! Shes so cute maybe i can get a pic of her on here! Shes only 3 and i love her : 3. Im aiming to buy the north star kitty (>W< wink please donate! My dream is to have my dream avi! Again please donate! Well i hope you liked my intro! <br />
    Have a nice day master >W<!
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