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  • Artist Info: If you don't know it by now my name's Kyla.<br />
    If you want to know what I look like see my pics.<br />
    If you want to know what I'm like I suggest you read on...<br />
    <br />
    I'm 17 years of age. Birthday..February 7th 1992.<br />
    I am currently a SENIOR! at Canal Winchester High school.<br />
    Myy favorite color is purple.<br />
    Hanging out with friends, sitting on the computer pressing the refresh button a million times on Myspace and playing with my puppies is what I do for fun. Boring right? I know I need a hobby.<br />
    I love listening to music. It makes me happy :]<br />
    I do not have a best friend, I've got a lot of friends just not any close ones.<br />
    I'm overly hyper most of the time and that annoys A LOT of people.<br />
    My boyfriend means the world to me. He's so sweet and fun and absolutely amazingā™„. I love him soo much :]<br />
    I'm a very honest person I will tell you if you look horrible so just trust me when I say you don't ;D<br />
    I can't spell which kinda sucks but Oh well I gots me an internet spell checker biggrin <br />
    According to Thomas I'm very predictable.<br />
    I hate being normal.<br />
    I'm not very girly.<br />
    I'm really random, I say whatever comes to my mind lol.<br />
    I can be a bitch when I feel is needed which probably isn't when everyone else thinks is the appropriate time. But ohh well.<br />
    I just found out that I don't like mango Icepops. eww. >:[<br />
    I have a funny accent on some words like boots for example and EVERYONE has to point it out. I also say Y'all so don't be surprised if you hear it.<br />
    My step dad has been more of a father to me than my real father is and he's always been there for me when my own family wasn't, I love him so much for that.<br />
    My grandmas taken care of me for most of my life.<br />
    &&my friends have helped me through the things they couldn't.<br />
    I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them :]<br />
    Well I'm gonna go now. Talk to me. Okay? Byee. ^-^
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