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  • Artist Info: RAWR- means :I LOVE YOU- in dinosaur <br />
    (above) i love chiomma <3 <br />
    hmmmm, lets see a little about myself: <br />
    <br />
    -Life is YUM!<br />
    -My name is Danielle<br />
    -Vegetarian; started jan. 25 2010..... lol <br />
    -roam the halls of ramsteinmiddle school<br />
    -i'm 13 years young<br />
    -You can call me Dani, danielle, hawke, or mom lol<br />
    -Sunna-y Days.(: <br />
    -Eyeliner! <br />
    -Makeup.<br />
    -Miliyary brat<br />
    -into rock<br />
    -i love Random things<br />
    -i have awesome friends<br />
    -PaRaMoRe<br />
    -life is amazing when im with: HOPE, Chiomma, Britany, Nina, Gabe, Erica, Taylor, Nina, jessica B., Kayla, Sam (new girl XD) <br />
    -Rap is crap<br />
    -i love black people (Chiommalol) <br />
    -i am in love with Chad Kroeger<br />
    -Deuschland is not where i want to be.<br />
    -I want a job.<br />
    -I am single. (you can change that xD)<br />
    -i love randomness<br />
    -i love change<br />
    -smileys are my thing<br />
    -New york is the place i want to be<br />
    -(scary) Mr. ALi xD<br />
    -KMCC- good times <br />
    -pancakes are my favorite thing to eat EVER <br />
    -I'm like BAM, cause im WOW xD<br />
    -I LIKE mILEY cyrus but NOT hannah fucking montana<br />
    -clocks(:<br />
    -NERDS! WHEREEEE. love them<br />
    -COLORS hehe<br />
    -dnh96@yahoo.com- email <br />
    -i love makin new friends<br />
    -AFN: another fuckin network. hehe<br />
    (:<br />
    -xoxo D;-<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    92% of the teenage population has moved on to RAP. If YOU are part of the 8% that still headbang and love rock then put this on ur site!
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