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    Ok my name is the username Duh. I'm not giveng my real name unless i get to know u pretty well. im 18 and love animals but not aracnids.Anime about action, romance,and para normal things is my type of deal. im gothic and like people who can make me laugh.<br />
    my heart has been hurt before mostly because im to trusting but im always willing to meet people and give them a chance.<br />
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    User Image<br />
    i adopted a chibi!<br />
    name: Kouryaku Mai Herutsu "capture my heart"<br />
    age:4 1/2<br />
    likes: meat, his Parents/Owners, nice people, exercise, naps while being held<br />
    doesn't like: mean people, medicine, strong bad smells,being away from owners to long<br />
    owner: Moonlightskitten & the one who controlls her<br />
    you can adopt one too!<br />
    adopt one!~<br />
    <br />
    I am a Vampire under my sleek fur. the dragon around my feet is my protector but if you can befriend "me" then he "might" like you. He may be small now but he can grow at will. Madam Octa the spider near my head became a friend not that long ago i was in a spot of trouble and she helped me out. The kids on my left and right can make Future Predictions/Decisions but don't always get them right but when they do LOOK OUT! they love doing a bit of mischief to those they don't like. we might be a rag tag bunch but together we are a great team. <br />
    <br />
    Some time has passed and my clothes have changed as well as my friends. we have split up to do our missions for the war at hand. right now my angelet(s) (angel-let(s) fast pronunciation of let(s)) protectors and I are to go into the enemy camp and try to distract them while the others do some deconstruction around the camp. the angelets can confuse the enemy into doing the opposite of what their intentions are (if they have a mind to). I have shed my fur so as not to be not to be recognized and do as much as i can on this recon... <br />
    <br />
    The war is almost over "Praise the Gods" there is always so much destruction in a war. but then again "Some Things" like that so they create a war just for their fun they could sit on a throne and sip WINE wile others DIED for them i've seen it before... *sigh* experienced it and now i see it again. while i was on recon with my Angelets for protection, I chanced to hear 2 guards whispering about where there "Queen" was. I slipped off to where they had said she was ... ... and there she was sitting in the throne drinking wine in a room full of the most comfortable things you would expect a roman emperor to have. (picture plump pillows people fanning you, feeding you grapes, food everywhere as well as people to serve you, etc) I was caught sight of and asked to come in. she said she hadn't seen me before and i replied i had been pretty busy running around, so she probably hadn't seen me. she asked me to stay for a while, and i had a feeling she knew that I wasn't from her side of the war. I also had a feeling that i was going to need my friends and soon.... <br />
    <br />
    (If you want to read more of this story go to Fanfiction.net and look it up under the name "Magical Adventures" my Author name will be Kitteninthemoonlight.<br />
    the story will be ''fixed'' spelling,capitls,paragraphs etc,etc, so look it up if you want to. enjoy =^.^= )
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