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  • Artist Info: name : D'Dexian<br />
    Aliases: Master, Dexi<br />
    age : Unknown<br />
    birthday : November 20th<br />
    height : 6'2<br />
    weight : 150Lb<br />
    bloodtype : AB Negative<br />
    birthplace : Unknown<br />
    Race : DemiGod. Patron of Lost Souls and Assassins<br />
    Weapons : Favours polearms<br />
    family : Apollo & Lampade<br />
    Collared Companions: Labyrinth Doll & Sulous Ciero <br />
    abilities : Fire & Darkness manipulation<br />
    <br />
    D'Dexian is extraordinarily seductive, cunning and relentless. He is a striking winged individual, very different from the demonic creature legend and reputation have made him to be. The son of an long forgotten greecian Sun God and a Nymph of the underworld, he is darkly beautiful, and radiates a sense of priestly detachment, and long-suffering patience. A master of swordmanship and close quarters combat, he is also a superb assassin, adept in exotic magics, often found toying in elemental sorcery. Being a young God himself, and therefore brought into a political world, he has found he can be extremely manipulative and ruthless when necessary, drawing supporters close due to his wisdom and subtle wordplay. D'Dexian typically thinks several steps ahead of his current plans and readies himself for most eventualities.<br />
    <br />
    D'Dexian's personality combines hedonism with great self-control, and he views his dominant manner and often short temper as little more than a carefully cultivated tool to be used in his masterful hands. During his pursuit of power and prestige he is able, for years, to control his own wants and desires, being unfailingly pleasant and courteous, even as his own people hold him at arms length, until they have opened thier eyes to the, often painful, truth of his words and wisdom, and are ready to be broken under the yoke of his whims.<br />
    <br />
    Emotionally, D'dexian holds himself apart from even those he considers truely valued friends, having learned from personal expiriance that, if his affections become common knowledge, his friends, family and trusted servants will become targets for his enemies. Only among those he has trained, or have been seen to display adept skill in the arts of self defence, magical or otherwise, will he let his affection become obvious.
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