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  • Artist Info: The snow, so peaceful and serene,<br />
    caressed by the soft moonlight,<br />
    gave magical feelings to the night.<br />
    The soft blue glow,<br />
    the lovers' words that then did flow,<br />
    their lips closer and closer<br />
    until, locked in the throes<br />
    of a passionate embrace,<br />
    he decided to express his feelings,<br />
    to keep her safe.He whispered softly,<br />
    his words like music to her ears,<br />
    "I Love You,"<br />
    and her response the same,<br />
    heard like the gentle breeze,<br />
    "And I, love you, forever."<br />
    That was the night they promised<br />
    to be together through everything,<br />
    each to care for the other when old and gray.<br />
    A lovers' pact<br />
    the most likely to last.<br />
    by tasha<br />
    <br />
    =)forever &lt;3
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