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  • Artist Info: ohey. c; my name is brianna.<br />
    I For One, and not fake. bitches and hoes who dare to call me fake, get the hell off my page :3<br />
    Black Veil Brides is my inspiration and there music makes me who i am<3 *andy Biersack Forever*<br />
    anyways, i do not stereotype. or judge...everyones different somehow. if your gay, i love you<3 if your bi i love you<3 if your strait i love you<3 if your emo or goth i love you<3 if your black i love you<3 I LOVE YOU FOR YOU.<br />
    i like to think of myself as a fallen angel -andy sixx <3<br />
    someday i will set the world on fire > biggrin nah, just kidding. <br />
    get to know me? inbox mee c: <br />
    im very friendly so fuck off! add me k? c: i love you all :3<br />
    peace my little hoes!<br />
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