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  • Artist Info: well my name is matt i live in connecticut but im originally from clearwater, floridia plz dont tell me how wonderful floridia is i freakin hate tht cuz it rlly isnt only in the winter somtimes not even then >_>... im going to a trade school now but i dont what im ganna choose (masonary, carpentry, electonics, electrical, automotive, autobody and [plumbing, heating and refrigeration]the last three r a single trade.)if u have any suggestions plz tell me >_< i dont kno y but it says tht my birthdate is sept. 14 its actually sept. 15. <br />
    i have two half brothers both r older then me and still live in floridia ones gay the other is deaf. i also have a gf cami i miss and love her so much ^_^ <br />
    If anyone gives me any item on my wanted list i'll be sure to mention u in my profile and i'll return the favor, according to what u get me, or i'll try to at least.
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