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  • Artist Info: Hello There! As You May Or May Not Know That My Name Is Briana But, You Can Call Me Bri! Well I'll Start With. . . I Was Born In Grand Rapids MI On September 18 1994. I Moved To Germany When I Was 6 Cause My Dad Joined The Army. I Lived There For 7 Years, I Miss Germany So Much!! Well Now Im 15 And Live In Fort. Irwin CA. Eh What Can I Say You GOta Make The Most OF Things Right? I'v Made So Many Great New Friends And I LOVE All Them All. I REALLY LOVE MY BOYFRIEND IAN!!!!!! OMGs I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!! lol Well I'm A Pretty Easy Person To Get Along With As Long As You Treat Me Nice Ill Treat You Nice lol Well I Have No Clue What To Say Next lol I'm Good With Words razz If You Have Any Questions PM Me!!!!!!!!!<br />
    &lt;3<br />
    <br />
    MUAH!!!! <br />
    <br />
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