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  • Artist Info: I'm Paul a quiet guy from Cali who loves music, But his beautiful girlfriend more.<br />
    I write poetry and I've written some songs as well.. <br />
    I'll be starting school soon and i will have a really busy schedule, Working out, Homework, School, Tying to mast the guitar.<br />
    I have alto of favorite bands, My inspiration for poetry came from tupac shakur the best poet of our generation, Whose song and poetry are really deep, My first poem i wrote when my girlfriend left me i got a pin and started writing and the rhymes just came naturally, I love music all sorts of it but i cant stand modern rap, I hate soulja boy and Lil Wayne, Kids these days never knew what real rap was, Tupac shakur will always be the best and will always be the king of rap. Another music hero i have is Kurt Cobain lead singer of nirvana, His lyrics are amazing and he was an icon for millions around the world, The grunge king! I'm Mexican i moved to the us when i was around 3 years old, I live in a small town called dinuba where its just full of people who get high and crack heads and gang members, I want to just leave i cant take it every day i have to hear people talk about drugs. I dont really like school i would always ditch some of the classes i didn't like and still managed to pass sometimes. I'll be going to independent studies soon and hopefully I'll graduate one semester earlier then all the fuck heads at my former school. I am a rocker i dont really like calling my self emo even though i am but i rather be called rocker only because i feel more comfortable. I am emo though and emo is not a fashion, People think just because wear black and have long hair your emo that's not true. emo doesn't mean emotionally disturbed (that's what stupid old people think that dont know there ass from there face).To me emo is just being your self doing what you like to express your self though poetry (like me) and the way you dress. Anyways enough of that. I have lived in Cali for over ten years now and i cant wait to leave this place. One day i wish to run away with my beautiful girlfriend and just live life enjoying it. <br />
    My dream is to be a famous musician one day and get to be known all around the world! If there's anything else you want to know just ask!
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