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    About Moi~?★<br />
    <br />
    Hello! My name is Alice ♥<br />
    Or just call me Fluffi Bunny or Vanilla!! But Please call me Vanilla!<br />
    I am a boy girl and I am 11yrs. old<br />
    I am a stalker and an anime freak >_>;;<br />
    I hates cellphones, I usually throw mine away from me..<br />
    I luffs the color pink, blue, lime and yellow<br />
    I hates bullies and mean teachers, they make moi sad..<br />
    I luffs ice creams and strawberry cheese cake<br />
    I hates liers and anime haters...<br />
    I watch anime like...Hayate the Combat Butler and Living for the Day after Tomorrow, but i'm really into Hayate the Combat Butler..<br />
    I hates assignments!! it makes my brain explode<br />
    I luffs my T.V. my camera and my computer!!
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