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  • Artist Info: ♥ Name ♥<br />
    Isabel<br />
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥<br />
    Um....I do not really know how to go about talking about myself so I will just list stuffz....<br />
    ♥I love drawing<br />
    ♥I love screamo bands<br />
    ♥Skiing is my favourite sport<br />
    ♥My favourite brand of shoes are converse<br />
    ♥Pan's Labryinth is awesome<br />
    ♥I always fall asleep with my iPod on<br />
    ♥I love black eyeliner<br />
    ♥Christian<br />
    ♥I live in Canada<br />
    ♥I want to go to Japan and Germany<br />
    ♥Skelanimals is an epic clothing line and I collect their plushies<br />
    ♥I hate disney stars<br />
    ♥I am hyper when I do not have sugar<br />
    ♥I drink bubble tea almost every day<br />
    ♥Tokio Hotel ish epic :3 <br />
    ♥When I become prego I will travel to London one month before my due date so I can make my kids Londeners o.o Hopefully, I will get two boys and name them Hershel and Luke ^^<br />
    ♥My fav dessert is Strawberry Crepes with whip cream biggrin <br />
    ♥I like to dance at random times <br />
    ♥I hate typical big eyed shojo manga styles<br />
    ♥I am very not normal owo<br />
    ♥I am not afraid to embaress myself and if I do I just laugh it off<br />
    ♥I hate normal people<br />
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