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    -Krinny, Kree, Mofo, Krin.<br />
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    I have a different personality and I'm hard to keep up with. If you can, i applaud you for that and you will be one of my cherished friends :3<br />
    Although i try to be optimistic for other people, nobody actually knows my real feelings and i don't think they ever will- so unless i open up to you, don't try to get answers from me.<br />
    I had an old account and i still cont know why i was banned and no they didn't tell me why. <br />
    Talk to me, and i will talk back, don't and i will delete you. Random comments and PM's are fine but don't PM me asking for donations unless you have a good reason. And no i will not take photos of myself naked for you. Don't even try.<br />
    I'm 15, i decided i would put my age in here because so many people get shocked when i finally tell them my age.<br />
    If i don't like you i will tell you. Im straight up with things like that and I'm glad of it. Don't start a fight with me, I'm not worth your time. I'm not worth anyone's time. <br />
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    Comment&lt;3 Message&lt;3<br />
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