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    Whether you be friend or stranger,<br />
    I welcome you to my profile. <br />
    <br />
    My name? I go by many names. I'm called Kawaii most of the times, but you may call me Serenity, or Saya. My age? Let's keep that a mystery for now, just for now. Where I live? I can tell you I live in the United States, but that's it. Sorry, stalkers, you'll have to guess the rest. Not like I'll ever tell you, of course.<br />
    <br />
    Well, I'm a poet and a writer, currently working on two stories. The first is about how a cursed girl tries to kill the person who killed her childhood friend, and the second is about the story of Immortals. More details to come! I'm a pretty good poet: if you want a piece of poetry, you're welcome to buy one from me. Of course, if you're a friend, it's free. Anyways, I'm a pretty obsessed roleplay, so I have a couple of roleplays. †Nightschool is about a conspiracy within a youkai school, and Fall from the Heavens Above is about a war within a small town called Aether. Mm, I say I like it when it rains, but when it actually rains, I hate it. So I like sunny days. I come up with random things most of the time, which is how I keep a conversation going. They're mostly about wild things, like, what's the weirdest dream you've had, or how do you think the world will end? <br />
    <br />
    I'm level 8.5 in zOMG and trying to train my friend, Xx Hisoka Kun xX, to 10.0 (and me!) so we can run through SS/EB together. For now, I have to be content with doing Hive Farming and earning 11k per half hour. If you ask nicely, I'll give you some of my zOMG stuff, because I have so much, but not all of it. Sure, maybe the useless stuff. Maybe if you're a friend, maybe some not-so-useless stuff. Who knows, it's a fifty-fifty chance? Of course, I'll be more than happy to do SS/EB with anyone else.<br />
    <br />
    I guess that's about everything. Mm, thanks for coming around my profile! Fanfarren, sayanora, au revoir, and arridaverci!
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