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  • Artist Info: 你好!,こんにちは!、and hello (:<br />
    my name is....(you'll have to ask me) mrgreen <br />
    im....years old<br />
    my favorite color is Red<br />
    im an aries, but my friends say i dont act like one xp <br />
    im 3/4ths Filipino and 1/4 chinese mrgreen <br />
    我喜欢、大好き、i love, :<br />
    -drawing heart <br />
    -reading manga heart <br />
    -music~ heart <br />
    -watching asian dramas heart <br />
    uh...etc... xd <br />
    I'm learning japanese and chinese, but im just a beginner emo i wish i knew more<br />
    uhm i guess thats all..hahah....<br />
    再见!じゃね! 작별! bye-bye! heart <br />
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