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  • Artist Info: Lillian Van Dort {born February, 5th, 1892} is Victor and Victoria's quirky eleven-year-old daughter. She is quite the lover of nature {she has a special fondness for the seaside} and loves peaceful and tranquil places. She loves to paint sceneries and is a bit of a bookworm. As for those quirks, she is humorously clumsy, absent-minded, easily frightened {especially of spiders~ the child is the epitome of an arachnophobe}, rather cowardly, and has the signature unladylike habit of biting her nails. If you should know an interesting fact or two about Miss Van Dort, she takes a great liking to the color lavender and she dislikes needlepoint {she always gets her stitches tangled up with one another}. <br />
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