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  • Artist Info: Im 20 years old, Im Mute, and i sign with my hands to talk but thank god i can hear and listen to music!<br />
    i have a-lot of problems with me. i have a-lot of medical issues, i get sick a-lot, i'm home bound and about to graduation in june 5th! 2009 <br />
    i have a-lot of surgery's of my life, about 40 or 45 and still counting. don't have very much friends cause i do not go out a-lot cause sometimes i get sick by going out to much. So i join gaia hoping i would make friends all around the world. i know that people on here are nice and willing to be my friend and teach me some of the things about friendships. i am on everyday on my computer. I never had a sleepover and i wish one so badly and i have syndrome that is very rare<br />
    I love movies and music, i like to do hobbies such as drawing, coloring, and make crafts. I love love love to roleplay if you guys want to roleplay.<br />
    my type of style is Romance, Evil Guy, Action.<br />
    <br />
    (more to come!)
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