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  • Artist Info: Name's Dennis, but you can call me Snow. I was born February 25, 1996 and was raised by wolves. My favorite colors are sea green, orange, and blue violet. Whenever I'm not playing video games, doing fan art, or wearing funny hats, I'm spending time with my close friends and family members. I am often misunderstood and misjudged by my peers because of my mysterious nature, but I'm really a good-natured and interesting person. I've never had a girlfriend in my entire life, but I guess it's because some girls can't see me for the dreamboat that I am. My favorite show is Cowboy Bebop, and my favorite game is Crash Bandicoot 2.<br />
    <br />
    Height: 5'11"<br />
    Weight: 110 lbs.<br />
    Age: 17<br />
    Blood-type: Unknown<br />
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Likes: Video games, Jelly Doughnuts, Cartoons, Open-Mindedness, Creativity and artistry, Philosophy, Romance, Daydreaming, Variety, Eccentricity, Hats, Animals, Kind and loving people.<br />
    <br />
    Dislikes: Insensitivity, Moochers, Rudeness, Cruelty, Being thirsty, Know-it-alls, Materialism, Rules and restrictions, Criticism.<br />
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Positive Traits: Sensitive, Kind, Good-natured, Creative, Imaginative, Fun to be around, Thoughtful, Original, Spiritual, Compassionate, Helpful, Super-Intuitive, Easygoing.<br />
    <br />
    Negative Traits: Lazy, Pessimistic, Impatient, Escapist, Idealistic, Shy, Aloof.
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