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  • Artist Info: Hello~ I'm Kelsie :3<br />
    I am 15<br />
    I am random..Optimistic, emontional, faithful, helpful, confused, ehhh. <br />
    Writing is one of my passions.<br />
    I am the author of A Whisper of Regret. (Look it up?)<br />
    I like: Rain, Pokemon, cats, photography, sunny places, foreign places, accents, and music!<br />
    I Dislike: Liars, storms,boats, airplanes, mean people, pens, snow, spiders, insects, and monkies.<br />
    I collect: Bones, pokemon cards, old photos, and rocks. :/<br />
    I Live, Breathe, and Love Jesus Christ, my savior.<3 <br />
    I was born in Michigan. I have a twin brother.<br />
    I play the clarinet, piano, and violin. I love cats. I I hope to one day move to England and continue or start a fliming/acting career. I'm always pushing to see to that dream come true at last.<br />
    I'm Very interested in the fine arts and theater. And filming. <br />
    I love Historical stuff and traveling to foriegn places! <br />
    I'm in love. <3<br />
    <br />
    Amber Describe Me As:<br />
    Kelsie works hard to please you if she loves you;Shes rediculously kind;shes beautiful;she'll argue about alot :3 ;Has wild taste in many things; Protective;helps as much as she can;A Weird girl :3 ; My gaurdian angel;my wifey;my sister;My savior;The bestest girl I could ask for in my life;Amazing taste in music arts;A Wonderful writter;Stupid at times;Scared of things but everyone fears something;a wonderful drawer<br />
    And Shes my best friend and wifey I couldnt ask for anything greater.<br />
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