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    Well, what about me?<br />
    I am extremely talented.<br />
    I tripped over an invisible crack in the sidewalk, and then I fell off a different sidewalk on the same day, and the other day there was a rock next to the sidewalk, and I tripped over that
    <br />
    One skittle or m&m can make me hyper.<br />
    Apparently I'm funny when I'm hyper, so my friends feed me skittles and m&m's.<br />
    Which sometimes causes me to trip over rocks, sidewalks, and occasionally over air
    <br />
    Going to school everyday is overrated.<br />
    So when I don't feel like school I ditch (like today). <br />
    But never fear, I still have straight A's.
    <br />
    Yup, that sums it all up<br />
    I like bright colors
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