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  • Artist Info: [ heart ] hi all, I hope, the're going great.[ lol ]<br />
    Anyway, so they know a little something about my firstly my name josselyn (Jossi everyone calls me), I like classical music but also the technology, some jazz too, play four musical instruments, some of my hobbies are drawing and painting (which by the way I'm good) and read (as you can see it out in my interests).<br />
    I'm from Latin America (not like specify country)[ blaugh ]<br />
    <br />
    I like the pasta (if I have an uncle in Italy but my ancestry is Arab, Turkish and Spanish)[ 3nodding ]<br />
    I like dogs but I'm allergic to it * sigh * cats and dogs even more so.<br />
    I like horror movies (but sometimes I look and I'm bored)<br />
    but I rather like the comedy and science fiction<br />
    even something I like to see even more caricature.<br />
    I love anime (had a collection of all kinds of anime, but unfortunately when I moved to my new home, most were lost and I just stayed with some). * sigh * I have to start collecting them again and buy figures * jumping of happiness * (I think I'm turning into an otaku).<br />
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