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  • Artist Info: Well time for a new "about me" YAY well anyways My Birth Day is March 11 the die a awesomeness...well in my mind. I like to be random and i am currently tryng the maic disappearing meatball....i will find you on day. Also i'm not on gaia as much anyone i don't know why though.....i make friends pretty easily i don't like depressing people unless you're interesting. I wonder why i'm writing this no one is probably reading this...or are you O.o. God is mad at me to i beat him i a game of poker and then he called me a sinner and cheater. Sorry for getting off topic...wait why am i apologizing this is my "about me". I am currently in (insert grade here) and live in (insert state for stalkers here) and my phone number is (insert random numbers here) Well i am a boy i will tell you that...or am i O.o (i am) Thats a you have to know about me... for now if you want to have a fun and random conversation pm or comment me Well bye see you next time i hope<br />
    P.S i am Mexican forgot to mention that
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