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  • Artist Info: Well there isn't much about me to say....<br />
    im usually hyper, if im not online im either bugging my friends for snow cones (the BEST treat in the world) or just bugging them out of boredum, I don't really have a job, i go to school out of force.. plus my dad gave me money one time bc i didn't wanna go.<br />
    o and i recently broke up with Peter Granm and im now going out with K-Dawgie or Kaleb Vornet, (WHO IS EXTREAMLY EMO.... AND HAWT ^^) im not usualy on much bc im actually very active.. but that's only in the summertime. im probly gunna be on alot in the wintertime.<br />
    anyway my name is Olivia Krueger, I HAVE NO RELATION TO FREDDY KRUEGER O_O<br />
    but pplz.. call me Libby not Olivia plz.
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