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  • Artist Info: I'm i_luvs_cody but you can call me Bubbles cuz that the nickname my friends like to call me. I got that nickname because. I've always been happy and bubbly and I like bubbles! Anyways...Here's a little bit about me smile <br />
    Favorites:<br />
    Sport-Football & Volleyball<br />
    Food-Pizza!<br />
    Color-lime green, black, and blue<br />
    Singer-Carrie Underwood<br />
    Band-Paramore & Jonas Brothers smile <br />
    Hobbies:<br />
    I like to write stories, right now me and my best best friend (lynnaland) are working on our first mystery/romance novel series. It's going really good so far smile <br />
    I also love to read for example I've read the Harry Potter Series, Series of Unfortunate events, Twilight, Nancy Drew, Pendragon and much, much more.<br />
    I love to sing and dance. And I love music sooooo much! I couldn't live without music!<br />
    If you have any questions send me a message. I'd me happy to answer any questions!!! smile
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