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    Hey!<br />
    <br />
    My name's none of your business so call me Rima or Tema. <br />
    My age? Also none of your business. But I'll give you a hint: I'm older than 13 and younger than 17.<br />
    I blow out my candles May 1st but I won't make a big deal about my birthday.<br />
    My fave colors are light yellow and pink.<br />
    I love horses, music, and dancing. <br />
    I help teach little kids to dance. <br />
    I like reading and my favorite book is The Host The Hunger Games//Catching Fire//Mockingjay.<br />
    I love anime and manga ((Code Geass, Shugo Chara!, Ouran HS Host Club, Vampire Knight, blah blah blah....))<br />
    But FanFictions better. <br />
    I have a FanFiction account by the same name and currently have 8 stories for Shugo Chara and 1 for The Hunger Games.<br />
    My favorite songs are My Immortal (Band Version) by Evanescence and Romeo & Cinderella by Nodoame. Awesome songs - go listen to them!<br />
    I barely watch TV.<br />
    I don't have a boyfriend, and I don't really care anymore. I has a boyfriend. Oh, and if you haven't figured it out, I'm a girl.<br />
    If you wanna email me its Rima.Hiko@yahoo.com <br />
    <br />
    So thats about it. PM me or comment and I'll try to write back. BUT I'm not accepting random friend requests anymore. Get to know me first! I don't bite! Screw it. Add me!<br />
    <br />
    <3 RimaBalaBalance
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