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    Heyderrrr. My name is Aminat. It's a very unique name and you don't really see that many places. I insist you call me star, it's easier to spell and say. C: I love making new friends so if you are NOT an online 50 year old pedophile, I'd LOVE to talk with you sometime. I.am.very.stubborn. I don't back down without a fight C:< My temper is about the size of a pea. tick me off once, and I'll blow like a volcano. I have an awesome set of friends in real life, we sit together, talk together and do perverted things together. speaking of perverted..That's one of the words used to describe me. LOLOL. Every sentence anyone makes has a nasty twist to it!! I have really good friends on Gaia, but not as close as the ones in real life <33 So..Dont expect me to get all touchy touchy cause for all I know..you might just have tricked me and be a...50 year old pedophile!! I like mostly all types of music. I'm not the type of person who rushes into life. I wont think about my adulthood future till sometime later in high school. I'm just like that cause..I wanna have fun with my teen self now...I never wanna get old..Dx I have already written too much sooo, I guess I'll go for now! byebye! (:
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