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  • Artist Info: call me pira. not jack. . . i hate that<br />
    my best friends call me kitty, no YOU cant call me that either, just call me pira<br />
    if you cant figure out my favorite movies, i shall think you very stupid<br />
    if youre looking at my profile and cant guess my favorite game and characters, i should think you moronic<br />
    im a scorpio and damn proud of it<br />
    i cried when steve irwin died<br />
    everyone at my old high school thought i was insane, making me the most sane person there<br />
    meanboats is my sensei and she's super sexy <3. not your sensei. only mine<br />
    <br />
    i hate:<br />
    -random friend requests with nothing attatched as to why i should honnor you with my friendship<br />
    -this damn gaia inflation, you could have 2mil and still be poor<br />
    -liars, traitors, cheaters<br />
    -beggars<br />
    -idk why people ask me coz i dont have any of my art on here, but i hate when people ask me for an art commission O.o<br />
    -a certain *cough* noob/failure american president<br />
    -yoai (did i spell that right?) and yuri<br />
    -marvel comics<br />
    <br />
    things i like:<br />
    -jhonny depp<br />
    -tim burton films<br />
    -jrpgs<br />
    -manga<br />
    -the scientifical deconstruction of a no longer functional human body (no seriously, its so fun)<br />
    -christian bale movies (woot the new batman)<br />
    -dc comics<br />
    -fiesta<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    okay so thats about it, enjoy the profile, tap my tank and no asking stupid questions! <br />
    RAWR apoline pride razz <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    oh! i almost forgot: i fucking HATE taylor lautner! i hope he dies! he's NOT hot you damn moron fangirls!!<br />
    mk thanks for that brief interlude <3
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