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  • Artist Info: My laugh is loud, I like rock music and techno bestist, I enjoy misspelling things, I am one of the people that frequently pulls on a door that clearly reads "PUSH" I'm.... silly wink I like Halloween, I luff being nice.... If you do it first =.= I CAN be random, but I am also reclusive, I am ADD, slightly paranoid and.... depressed- we all have our illnesses. I LOVE apples and yogurt I get sick if I eat fast food (though I found that coffee and ice-cream are safe) I like bows, and KITTIES!!! I fear small children, my puppy is adorable, I brush my tongue and bathe RELIGIOUSLY, I prefer hanging out with my best friend Christy over anyone else (she likes being called Chris) we are lunatics when we are together (and one of us isn't tired) and I have a few secrets I'm not willing to post here. I feel like I'm on this earth to protect Chris- I also have feelings that I will die before her and that I won't live past age...... errrr..... 25- and strangely, I accept that, I used to be PETRIFIED of death, I guess I'm just afraid of eternal boredom. I feel like I got a life to do so I'm going to ( Try to) do what I want to and I won't keep my opinion to myself- I speak for what I feel is just (did I mention I'm stubborn? I am, fer sure.)<br />
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    Life is like a bland cake with random sprinkles that make living worth it<br />
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    Total Value: 40,648,989 Gold<br />
    [Item Information]<br />
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    Item List:<br />
    Moira's Underwear<br />
    Gimpi 6th gen.<br />
    Grizzly Hoodie<br />
    Kottan Bell 3rd Gen<br />
    Black Cat Fleece Hat<br />
    SDPlus #68 OLruna Doll<br />
    The Nightmare 7th Gen.<br />
    Rogue Narok<br />
    Masquerade 9th Gen.<br />
    Ballad of Orpheus<br />
    Ted and Dusky<br />
    Lucky the Cat<br />
    Icarus' Fall<br />
    Underground Sound<br />
    Underground Sound<br />
    Black Heartstring<br />
    The Case of Pietro 4th Gen.<br />
    Compass of Seidh 2nd Gen<br />
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