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  • Artist Info: About Me....... ? First off~! I am 17, and my birthday is September 19. Well, I love music. I can play the clarinet, oboe, guitar, piano, and saxophone. I have been playing the clarinet for 6 years now, the oboe since January of 2011, guitar for a year(since 2010), the piano i started in september of 2010, and the saxophone since 2011. In school, i am in the Marching Band, and Concert band, and Jazz Band. I love to hang out with a few of my friends, but because they aren't in many of my classes i only really get to see them at lunch. I have one friend, who is like a sister to me. I hate animal abusers, jerks, preps, and jocks. I love to watch anime, read manga, and draw mangas avi and fan art. I love Role Playing in the forums, i find it fun, and a way to express myself. I hate having to do things i do not wish to do. I do not text much, so i am not that familiar with text talk. I am not a normal teenager i know. I love the colors blue purple and green, they go very well together. Those are the colors of my bed sheets too.<br />
    I really dislike beggars and hackers. Yes i do earn money fast, but no, if i do not know you you will not get money. If you feel the need to bother me, go ahead, but please remember, I do get irritated easily, especially when i am hungry, and i don't eat often. >:)
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