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    <br />
    YO YO YO.<br />
    Name's Kayti.<br />
    I'm pretty rad.<br />
    talk to me, I'll talk back.<br />
    <br />
    FACTS.<br />
    1. I live in this adorable hideously boring little town called New Albany.<br />
    and I want out.<br />
    2. I am learning to play the piano. My best buddy Kayla[missrumkiller] and I love to get together and learn songs. It's very fun. C:<br />
    And I'm basically just a huge music freak. I LOVE giving music recommendations, as most of my friends know. xD<br />
    And getting mix CD's makes me happy. Make me one, and I'll love you forever. biggrin <br />
    3. Art is my favorite thing ever. probably.<br />
    check my art out HERE.<br />
    OR go order something from my Art Shop!<br />
    4. There is no number four!<br />
    5. I like to rant. A lot.<br />
    6. Food is my friend! xD<br />
    it bothers me a lot when people sit there and call themselves fat, or get all whiney whenever they eat because it's "TOO MUCH CALORIES."<br />
    stfu, you're not fat. And anyways, even if you were life's too short to worry about things like that. Enjoy yourself before it's over. [lol. what did I tell you about ranting?]<br />
    7. I like attention and I like having fun. C:<br />
    8. Talk to me!<br />
    <br />
    and that's about all you'll need to know about me. C:
    <br />
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