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  • Artist Info: Ask me anything. I'll answer.<br />
    <br />
    Random Facts<br />
    <br />
    The name is xCIZINEC. You may call me Cizi, or Cizinec.<br />
    I used to be Torza Darqyx, then PropheticallyLost. The first name got boring. The second name was in honor of a band, but the lead singer of the band turned out to be a six-time sex offended...so...yea.<br />
    <br />
    PS: You may NOT call me Torza unless you are Leifka, my amazing, color-coordinated role-playing buddy with a sexy best friend and a bunch of sexy RP characters (:
    <br />
    <br />
    My name is Axie. Actually, it's not, but it's what I go by.<br />
    I live in Texas. I really don't want to. But I don't wanna move.<br />
    I moved. A lot. I've since lived in Illinois, California, Florida, and now Virginia.<br />
    I'm 17. So I'm a senior. But not for long.<br />
    I'm fucking 24 years old now. A whole ass adult. But again, not for long.<br />
    I'm pretty badass. Don't fuck with me.<br />
    I'm not actually that badass. But I am pretty cool. Also please don't fuck with me, I'm sensitive.<br />
    If you're my friend, you probably don't see me as a badass.<br />
    Still true.<br />
    I hate a lot of things. Like, a lot of things.<br />
    I'm agoraphobic.<br />
    And slightly acrophobic.<br />
    As well as just a little bit ligyrophobic.<br />
    And philophobic, for the matter.<br />
    All still true.<br />
    Asians are my exception.<br />
    I really love Asians.<br />
    Never dated an Asian.<br />
    Actually, I like Gingers more.<br />
    Way more.<br />
    I've dated four Gingers and even got engaged to one for a little. So this is totally still true.<br />
    Only one guy on this whole fucking planet is worth my time.<br />
    False. A lot of guys are worth my time. I've got some solid male friends.<br />
    By the time I'm 80, I want to have learned eight different languages:<br />
    English ✓<br />
    German ✓<br />
    Spanish ✓<br />
    Italian. ~<br />
    Russian.<br />
    Arabic.<br />
    Korean.<br />
    Romanian. ~<br />
    I might add Icelandic to that list. It's awesome.<br />
    Fun fact: I've made zero progress and my brother speaks Korean now.<br />
    I'm not a girly-girl. Not by any stretch of the imagination.<br />
    But I love rainbows.<br />
    I'm totally straight.<br />
    Also false. I'm mostly straight. Kinda gay.<br />
    I just love colors.<br />
    Except pink.<br />
    Yep, still hate pink.<br />
    I'm a fabulous singer. No one will ever know, because I don't sing in public.<br />
    Fuck it, I sing all the time.<br />
    I'm a fabulous artist. It comes and goes.<br />
    I've lost my touch.<br />
    I don't want kids. But you never know.<br />
    I recently wanted kids and now I'm back to not wanting kids so who knows. Not me.<br />
    I want to be a professional stunts woman. Until then, I want to work in Frederick's of Hollywood.<br />
    I worked at a cavern as an adventure tour guide and high ropes course operator instead.<br />
    Practically speaking, I'm going to join the Air Force.<br />
    Actually, I joined the Navy, because fuck me. I love it sometimes. Shoulda joined the Air Force though.<br />
    I'm not easily embarrassed.<br />
    Eh, still true.<br />
    I love to write.<br />
    I'm a fighter, not a lover.<br />
    Pretty sure I'm actually neither.<br />
    I'm fucking brilliant, but I waste that trait by being a dumbass a lot of the time.<br />
    This is the truest fucking thing on here.<br />
    I don't want to go to college.<br />
    I still don't and I still haven't.<br />
    I'll add more later.<br />
    No I won't. I was only on here because a friend I made on here OD'd on drugs yesterday. I was hoping I still had some messages from him here, and decided to update this while I was here. Don't do drugs, kids.
    <br />
    <br />
    -Speaks the Rebel-
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