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  • Artist Info: Name: Alice-Kate<br />
    Age: 16<br />
    Species: Ice Guardian<br />
    About: Born in a small village she learned to fight along side her brother. She had no parents and her brother was the only family she had. When she was 10 she was taken from her village, her brother was killed and all of her friends taken to other places. Alice's brother was stabbed right before her eyes, his last words were never heard due to Alice being taken and slung over a mans shoulder. Alice thinks her brother's death was her fault and the fact she couldn't do anything for 24 hours made her lose her mind. She was sold as a slave when she was 12, but those 2 years were torture. But there was one boy who helped her. Over the years she grew a crush on him but the day she had to leave she swore she would find him again when she was older. Now she still hunts him down even though she has false leads she knows he is out there somewhere.<br />
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