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  • Artist Info: -In the middle of the night when I'm in this dream...-<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Guide to Understanding Me:<br />
    <br />
    -The name is Rachel, along with all the other nicknames I'm called. (I absolutely adore nicknames. Give me one?)<br />
    -I have O.C.D, just a heads up.<br />
    -Also, I have a rather interesting sense of humor. I tend to <br />
    laugh at anything, but not the annoying laugh were they're laughing <br />
    after every word you say.<br />
    -I've been told that my personality is very laid back (Which I would Have to agree with.) So that's were my energy level is at. Mello Yellow Bby!<br />
    -Writing is something i love to do in my down time. So you can assume that I'm pro-Grammar, because I am.<br />
    -I'm into photography, and is a AP class for this year.<br />
    Check it out: My Photography , And Here, Yay there is more More=] , and I have a DA my user name is CameraObsession.<br />
    -Huge fan of the shade blue: navy, and teal.<br />
    -I like to play football. It's practically the only sport I seem to be good at. And I'm totally sports obsessed. No joke.<br />
    -The Nuggets are my all time favorite Basketball team always will be. I love Birdman. He's amazing.<br />
    -Coloring and drawling is always fun. I own a lot of coloring books. ha<br />
    -Really shy at first, But I'm quite the character once I get use to people.<br />
    -Summer is my favorite season. I also like Autumn/Fall.<br />
    -The E-trade commercials are so cute. You know the talking babies?<br />
    -I'm obsessed with Dinosaurs.<br />
    -Charlie the unicorn is totally rad.<br />
    -I use hot sauce everyday.<br />
    -Chinese food is my all time favorite meal.<br />
    -My favorite dessert is Cheesecake.-drools-<br />
    -The best cereal: Captain Crunch.<br />
    -Lemon-aid is my most liked beverage.<br />
    -I speak little German.<br />
    -Animal lover. How could you not adore animals? <br />
    -Cosmetologist is what I wanna be. Regarding make-up=]<br />
    -I'm a very sensitive person, because I have a kind heart.<br />
    -Personally, I think a little too much about how I look.<br />
    -I only really wear my sunglasses when I'm upset. It's my way <br />
    of hiding what's wrong.<br />
    -Put me in front of a T.V and have me lay down and <br />
    I'll guarantee I will end up asleep.<br />
    -Also, I have an awesome memory, I'll remember things you won't. <br />
    But don't get me wrong I can be forgetful at times.<br />
    -If you make me mad chances are I'll be over it in five minutes <br />
    unless it's like a major thing. So don't take advantage of that.<br />
    -My vocabulary may seem a little crazy but i assure you I'm 100% normal. <br />
    Ha not really.<br />
    -You would most likely to see me wearing Navy Blue over any color. I'm obsessed with it, majority of my closet is blue.<br />
    -I LOVE kids, to me they are the cutest thing ever.<br />
    -Video games. Let's play.<br />
    -Fruity scents over flowery, defiantly.<br />
    -I have a phobia of eating in front of people.<br />
    -Every time, I get a straw i tie its wrapper around the straw to make a bow=] The paper wrappers are obviously more difficult.<br />
    -I believe smileys make everything better. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Hates:<br />
    <br />
    -I hate when people say "K"! K is not a word its a letter, if your too lazy to put a "O" in front or spell it out some how, then don't waste your time. Also, when you do spell it out and it still sounds like K. For example: Kay. You also fail epically and I will take away one of your gold stars. Then It will be a sad day for you. =[<br />
    -Cocky people. Get over yourself cause your not that amazing, sorry. <br />
    -Also, I strongly dislike dots........<--- like that, they never mean anything good. So therefore, I find them dreadful.<br />
    -I'm allergic to metal. It makes it hard to wear jewelry. <br />
    -People who chew with their mouth open. That smacking noise is gross. In case you weren't aware your not a cow. So you don't have to eat like one.<br />
    -Being called nasty names. I hate the way it makes you feel, and its mean. So, be nice to one other.<br />
    -Being accused of false accusations.<br />
    -Players are another huge thing I have a problem with. So don't be one.<br />
    -Whistling. Its annoying.<br />
    -People that do the things I hate on purpose. Like seriously?<br />
    -Constant texters. If I'm hanging out with you and all you do is text and ignore me, trust me I'll be mad.<br />
    -Double standards. Clearly you can see this isn't fair right? You hypocrite.<br />
    -The cold is not my friend, neither is the wind or snow. Frankly if it was a person I'd kill it.<br />
    -Math equals the worst subject ever known to man. (No pun intended)<br />
    -Head aches. I get one everyday. So, you can see why I'd be sick of them.<br />
    -Spiders. Ahh =0 -Runs away-<br />
    -If your racist, or have a huge problem with different beliefs or sexuality. Don't talk to me about it. Your the reason for hate crimes, and I'm not down with that. It upsets me that the world is so cruel, to treat people that way. But i can take a joke at times. <br />
    -Repeated noise, is really annoying. Such as tapping and other things.
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Last thought: Love is giving someone the power to break your heart...but trusting them not to.<br />
    <br />
    -...It's like a million little stars spelling out your name. -<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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