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  • Artist Info: Hi my name is Joanna Frost and i'm 18 and single. i'm weird and sometimes crazy. i love anime, manga, cute things, boys, food, and other things i can't think up right now. i love to write stories and draw and i like making people laugh. <br />
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    Here's a little poem i wrote at school today. It's called Losing Thy Self<br />
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    <br />
    Burn. Burn to the ground like ashes of the night, dancing with the wind as the sun goes down. <br />
    Drifting. Drifting, passing, flowing through a busy crowd, "Oh how I lost my way to you."<br />
    Down. Down you go on a rainy day, wings broken can't fly your way back to me.<br />
    "Oh how it end this way."<br />
    Farewell. Farewell to the love and peace of the world from my heart, for the end is today and no other.<br />
    "Oh how I love thee."<br />
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