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  • Artist Info: Hey whoever's reading this!You can just call me...well, I have many names...Art or Vampr is fine...you can really call me anything in my username,or make a nickname for me yourself if you want...I'm about... 5'7" the last time I checked...I'm bi-racial,I have eyes that change color-but they're usually a timberwolf silver with a green or blue tint lately....I'm atheist,a treated emo(no longer cutting-and hopefully never will again),I'm into goth style clothes,and I've been labeled as a lot of things by the way I dress,think and act.You could consider me more of a pessimistic intellectual, and I have a hairstyle that makes me totally look like a scruffy puppy.I have a lot of unique habits and an odd imagination.I only eat once a day or so,and my diet PRETTY much consists of sweets(IF I'm not throwing up-_-).My favorite flavor is strawberry. My heart belongs to my angel,my shining star...well my everything;Genesis Ortega.My best friends in the whole wide world are Grams and Kiko,and I love my little siblings-if anyone touches them they'll get to take on me.I have some anger issues and I don't really give a f**k if you like me or not-I don't have a problem with you until you piss me off,and you don't really get my respect until you prove that you're worth that to me.People like to call me a freak and personally I like to stand out-unlike the other people around this hillbilly hell of a town.I'm pretty much socially awkward when it comes to people and crowds that I don't know or talk to-sometimes even my best of buddies.So, if I say or do something to offend you it probably wasn't voluntary and I'm sorry,but if you're going to b***h at me for it than I don't give a damn.I'm thirteen,can be INCREDIBLY impulsive,like to act like a total moron with my friends,a serious perv,a total boy most of the time,I'm into girls(if you have a problem with that then get your stupid a** off my page),I'm a total metal-head and love all dark music.I have a deep hatred for country music and overly-bubbly people.So if you're a super-happy type then you might want to be careful.If you don't have any problems with me so far,then go ahead and hit me up-I'm sure we can be friends if you don't piss me off TOO much.I'm saving up for my dream avi but I'll donate if anyone needs it.It's always good to help people out.If you ever get in a tight spot just let me know and I'll do the best I can.<br />
    Well,I might see you around later-this thing's getting WAY too long.
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