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  • Artist Info: Hi, guys and girls !<br />
    Well, i'm a girl (XD), i'm 15 ! 16 in september ^_^<br />
    I'm not american or english or another nationality like that, no<br />
    I'm a french young girl ! (so, sorry for my bad english >_O)<br />
    I live in west of France, in a city called : "La ROche Sur YOn"<br />
    I look like my cute gaian biggrin <br />
    I'm a girl really funny (when i'm good mood :s), i luuuuuuuv :<br />
    KIT KAT CHUNKY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (so, i luv chocolate X_X)<br />
    I luv Rihanna, Amy WinehOuse, Britney Spears (loool), Beyonce.K, NicOle Richie and Paris HiltOn (mouahahaha >___< wink <br />
    NO but i prefer Rihanna, yes, i luv Robyn (U_X)<br />
    But WARNING ! (lol) i'm not like Paris Hilton (i like her) but i'm not like her, i look like nobody !!! I'm "UNIQUE" ! <br />
    I play (a lot) games : ps3, PC...PS3 !!! LOL i luv PS3 *__°<br />
    And i play Tekken Dark Ressurection ! XD<br />
    It's SUPER COOL !<br />
    So, i think i have said a lOt of words for nothing but it complets this space !<br />
    ----<br />
    ChOnKy (Pr3sK ChUnKy,Maiis AvC UN O)<br />
    i luv ya, kaa chiiiink O__< !!!
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