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  • Artist Info: Hola Hola my good people!<br />
    Okay I'm gonna start now.<br />
    Cuz you know well as hell this is about me, not you.<br />
    So yeah, get used to it!<br />
    <br />
    I'm not a very tall person, around 4foot 7inches.<br />
    I weigh about 90 to a 100 pounds.<br />
    I love almost all kinds of music, except country. Its just gay.<br />
    Drawing, err, I sorta like to do it, but I suck at it.<br />
    I love to read science fiction. Don't call me a fucking nerd, you're just jealous I have more interest in what I like. You'r just screwed because you're not like me.<br />
    I'm 13 years old. My birthday Is July 24, no matter what the hell Gaia says or thinks about it.<br />
    I love making friends, even though I ain't scoring much in real life.<br />
    I was born in Mexicali, Mexico. I now live in California.<br />
    I like anime, but not Naruto or shit like that. Dragon Ball Z is old school anime, but if its old and ghetto, than so am I bitch!<br />
    I'm taken by the best girl in the world, so talk shit about her and if I go to hell for beating the shit out of you, I'll take you with me!<br />
    I sorta like poetry. Its all right. I write a poem or two every once in a while. I post some of them in my Gaian Journal, so check them out sometimes okay? Please, for me.<br />
    I love YouTube. I mostly watch oldies music videos and Foamy's rants. You should visit illwillpress.com sometime. You'll enjoy your visit. If not I'll give you 100 gold. xD (Unless you're too young and wanna seem cool and don't get what he says, you're just too stupid, and I won't give you shit.)<br />
    I only have one person pretty much in school that backs me up. I know other people, but they are just too "cool/chidos" to back me up when I need them. Thats why Gaia is my sanctuary, and I will stay in Gaia for a looooong time.<br />
    Well I guess thats all I can come up with for now.<br />
    For more information, contact me at 1-900-HOT-BODY.<br />
    Lol, I'm just messing with you pendejo, just ask me whatever it is you wanna know about me.
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